Floral Cardigan

For every dull moment there’s always something that brightens up your day. There will always be that something that cheers you up and excites you!


For me, this beautiful floral cardigan was it! Wore it on a plain white dress to actually give it a little more color or maybe just a little more life!
I think you all know by now that my favorite colors include white and yes of course pastels. But there’s always something out there that brings more fun to an outfit, something that makes it stand out!




This outfit’s fashion statement is this unique handmade floral cardi made to create joy into your boring moments.. Moments that all of a sudden feel as exciting as they could ever be!
Made and created with love..



DEE Cherry blossom


Outfit DEEtails:

Cardigan: Hafsa Lodi, similar here

Dress: Asos, similar here and here

Sandals: Next, similar here an here

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