My Haven


Here’s how it began.. The value of happiness can not be estimated, It can not be described, it can only be felt by you!
When in Maldives, staying in such hotel know from experience that there is such a thing as guaranteed happiness.
The island is like a safe haven where you get to experience blessings and beautiful scenes in their finest of forms. You sit there and have your breath taken away almost instantly!



I was barefooted the entire time dressing up in dresses that made me feel like I belonged. Dresses that represented me and my haven. From different local designers that I sincerely love, as inspiring as each could be in their own way. Starting off with Amira Haroon who quickly became a close friend of mine, designing all of her pieces so adequately and in such details you can’t help but fall in love.


As for Lilli Jahilo her delicate touch in designs are sublime.



This entire trip won’t be the only one I hope, and it taught me to appreciate the things I do in life to get to where I am today. It’s always important to believe that hard work pays off.


From the Maldives.. Ba’ajjeveri dhuvahey


Hotel DEEtails:


Photographer DEEtails:

Ahmed Rasheed


Outfit DEEtails:

Pink dress: Lilli Jahilo, similar here and here

Yellow dress: Lilli Jahilo, similar here and here

White dress: Amira Haroon, similar here and here

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