A piece of heaven on earth


I can now say that I’ve finally had the chance to visit and stand in the midst of heaven on earth.
The best experience I’ve had so far and I would do it all over again with a heartbeat.
The way I decided to explain this to you is with explicit details so that you’d be able to feel like you’ve seen, done, and felt the way I’ve experienced this.



Starting off with the hotel, I stayed at the St. Regis Maldives after rave reviews from across the planet! I booked for four nights to get a long overdue break from work, life, and reality. The room, oh my, do they’re like cabins in the midst of the beautiful Maldives seas. They have this cute bike if you enjoy a ride and they offer a cart which is also just a phone call away to pick you up and take you around!


The view from my bed is astonishing I honestly have never seen anything like it before. Walking around from the pool front in the cabin you can choose to just swim with the fish and the beautiful sea creatures. My favorite area for snorkeling and diving! Ahh what a scene! Another favorite of mine was a feature in the room which basically controlled most amenities (curtains, tv, YouTube, music, lights, etc..) on an iPad.. so a literal click of button and voila!




Moving on, the restaurants. From jungle themed Arabian restaurants to Asian. My favorite start was the breakfast at Alba but saying that doesn’t do the rest justice. Every restaurant I tried was truly delicious and I’m not just saying that! I’m very picky with food and there’s nothing I did not enjoy! There are some activities you could do during your stay like yoga to keep your self feeling fresh.
Oh wow, writing this I found myself suddenly getting carried away.


One last thing, I promise.. because I can’t end this without mentioning the best part of it all. THE SPA! Ah heaven heaven heaven! There’s nothing I’ve experienced in my life that felt better than this.

Yes, I can now say that I’ve waken up in heaven!






Hotel DEEtails:


Outfit DEEtails:

White dress: Lilli Jahilo, similar here and here

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